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  • Jewellery Periods – Art Nouveau Jewellery (1895-1910)

    No other art form has celebrated the love for the unique, magical, and even erotic the way that Art Nouveau jewellery did. Translating to New Art in French, this short but impactful design period aimed to find an original way to class beauty through entirely new principles.  Art Nouveau-period je...
  • The blingiest red carpet jewellery moments from the Oscars 2022

    The Oscars 2022 will be mostly remembered for the wrong reasons, thanks to a particular “incident”. However, it still delivered in glamour and razmataz. Hollywood did what Hollywood does best. It threw the kind of glitzy awards ceremony that fairytales are made of. While some of the dresses and s...
  • Jewelry Periods - Victorian Jewelry

    1937-1901 - The Victorian Era is one of the closest to my heart. It’s the sentimental and symbolic jewels that were made in this era that speak to me and certainly inspired more modern designs and productions in later jewelry periods till date.