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About YazJewels

The Brand


YazJewels is a jewelry connoisseur and the Middle East's first online boutique, specialized in antique and vintage jewelry. Vintage jewels are always waiting to be found by the right people, and the brand has a keen eye for unusual and interesting pieces. The collection is handpicked and personally curated to include items spanning centuries from the late Victorian period to more recent contemporary times. YazJewels embodies the emotional attachment to jewelry, the beauty of rare items, and its place in people’s lives. The brand believes in the sustainable benefits of matching beauty that already exists with new owners, bringing new life to the jewels.


The collection


The brand carries two core collections, YJ Fine, often sought from renowned jewelry houses with high craftamship;  and YJ Costume, made by renowned designers from the 1940’s all the way to the 90’s. The collection evolves as each piece is one of a kind, yet the brand is keen on pieces with a distinguished provenance and crafted by celebrated designers as the likes of Cartier, Van Cleef & Arpels, Tiffany & Co. and Boucheron. With the belief that not all beautiful things should be signed, finding design that embodies the typical craftsmanship of historical eras as Art deco and Retro are key to the brand. At the heart of the brand’s mission is to create new lives for the jewels. Each piece is one of a kind and truly unique to the wearer, making it extra special and sought after.


The Founder

At the heart of YazJewels is founder and curator Yasmine Hesham. With an MBA in strategy and a  long career in management consulting, Yasmine is also a long-time collector with an eye for old charm. With years of research and endless pursuit of the unique and unusual throughout her travels; the result was an accumulation of one of a kind pieces and a lifelong love for collecting. She now enjoys attending auction houses in search of vintage treasures, educating herself profusely and sharing her jewelry knowledge with the world.



Yasmine shares her knowledge and love for all things vintage through the YJ blog, with a mission to educate vintage lovers and the collector’s community, whether the reader is an expert buyer or just starting their collection.  


 The Curation



The genuine love behind each item is prevalent, and Yasmine only sources jewels which she would wear herself. As a devoted jewelry collector, Yasmine only assembles collections that work well together, and that are personal to her. Vintage jewels are always waiting to be found by the right people, and the brand has a keen eye for special and curious pieces. The collection is curated to include pieces spanning centuries that fail to become outdated. All pieces are examined by professional appraisers and gemstone certifications are provided for substantial pieces.