Seven gemstones guaranteed to elevate your winter look

When wearing gemstones during the winter months, you’re likely looking for pieces that truly embody the season. 

Although we don’t get much of a winter in the UAE, shorter days, chilly nights, and the arrival of festive lights all hint at the seasonal change. 

But the wintertide also brings shifts in jewellery trends. People start favouring warm hues, rich shades, and gemstones reminiscent of sparkling ice and the moon that now hovers longer in the sky.    

And let’s not forget all the festive gatherings that grace the winter months; think elegant gowns, sparkly tops, and fancy stilettos.

There’s no shortage of activities during this time of year, from family get-togethers and formal galas to ski trips and romantic getaways.

Whether you’re dressing up or down, every outfit needs accessories, especially bold and colourful ones, to brighten up the darker season.

While traditional winter sparklers like quartz, turquoise, and moonstone are popular with some, other luscious gemstones can also instantly elevate your winter look and keep you company during the colder months. 

If you’re wondering what the best gemstones for this winter are, here’s a look at my personal picks, including emerging trends, gems taking centre stage, and more.

I won’t go into spiritual meanings and winter birthstones; that’s a topic for another blog. Instead, let’s dive right into what’s really important here; which gemstones will help you stand out this season and how to style them to deliver that ‘wow’ factor.