My favourite gems and the stories that will make you love them

Gems are the perfect way to add meaning and a splash of colour to your outfit, particularly for brightening up those dark evenings ahead. Of all my trinkets, gemstone jewellery is my favourite go-to for instantly elevating my attire, but without too much effort. Apart from their charming beauty and pizzaz, the rare and eternal character of precious stones always had a drawing power over humans. Gemstones have been part of the earliest jewellery designs we know of, worn by kings, queens and everything in-between to send powerful messages.

Believed to be gifts from the Gods, these wonders of nature are shrouded in mystery and symbolism. They were often attributed talismanic properties or divine connections. But lore and legend aside, the fact remains that gems have been adorning our wardrobes for millennia. So, fashion-speaking, they’ve certainly won the ‘endless style’ award in my books!

 Yet, in its purest essence, each gemstone is a story brought home. An eternal creation inspired in the most exotic places on Earth. And that timeless quality is exactly what wearing gems will bring to your personal style.

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